Jasper Septic Tanks & Water Truck Services provides professional septic tank services to Jasper, AB and surrounding areas.


We will come pump out your septic tank thus allowing many years of use without having problems with your drain field. Just bought your home and don’t know where your tank or septic field is? No problem, we have an electronic locator for tanks and sewer lines. In rural areas, the septic tank system is the most inexpensive and efficient method to dispose of household sewage. A septic tank system that is correctly designed, located, constructed and well maintained will function effectively and safely for years. An inadequately maintained system can seriously endanger health and the environment, and can lead to considerable nuisance and expense.

Signs to look for that indicate potential septic tank failure

The first sign to look out for is if the leaching bed ground is frequently wet and spongy. The second sign is if you notice extra plant growth over the leaching bed area. The third sign is if you can smell odours coming from the leaching bed area. The fourth sign is if you notice the pooling or bubbling of waste water on the leaching bed surface. Last but not the least, if you notice liquid draining slowly in the house you more than likely have a failing septic tank system. Make the right choice, and call the experts at Jasper Septic Tanks & Water Truck Services! You dump it, we pump it!

septic inspections

Our company is available for home maintenance and post-purchase septic inspections. Our inspector will provide you with a report on the status of your septic system including information on whether the system needs replacement or repair. This report should be filed with your other septic system records.

septic repairs

The septic system should be inspected at least once every two years as well as having the tank pumped out and cleaned regularly. While you are getting your tank inspected or pumped, ask your technician to measure the scum and sludge layer thickness. By doing this, your technician can determine the rate at which the solids accumulate in the tank and establish how often the septic tank should be pumped.

septic maintenance

Most households fall into a three to five year range for septic pumping frequency. Regular pumping and cleaning of the septic tank is the best preventative maintenance you can do and well worth the investment. You can help your septic system last for years without the need of costly major repairs with a few simple but smart habits. Always use a garbage disposal that grinds food into small particles. Don’t pour grease or oil down your drains and avoid putting bleach and other harsh chemicals in your drains. Use less water to avoid overloading your septic system. Last but not the least, do NOT flush anything but toilet paper to prevent clogs.

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